Empower Health and Increase Performance with Pro X Benefits

Our solution can save employers $600-$800 annually per employee, while also boosting employees’ net take-home pay

Improve employee retention and satisfaction by offering Section 125 Compliant benefits

Key Benefits



Secure top talent by offering health benefits that matter most, making the decision easy for potential hires to choose your company over competitors



Offer superior value to cultivate happier employees and deepen their loyalty to your organization, reducing your stress and improving efficiency



Leverage tax code to achieve superior financial performance, optimizing your bottom line, EBITDA, and valuation

How It Works

Step 1

Book a Call

Register to speak with our team and create your benefits package.

Step 2

Customize Your Benefits Package

Tailor your benefits offering to meet your employees’ needs

Step 3

Offer Benefits and Save

Implement the benefits and enjoy savings through Section 125


Is this plan compliant?

Yes, it’s a fully insured fixed indemnity plan regulated by the Department Of Insurance (DOI)

Do I need to switch from my existing insurance provider?

There is no need to switch providers. We offer a supplementary plan that works alongside your existing coverage, enhancing benefits without requiring any hassle or changes

This seems too good to be true?

We are proud of this. Our edge comes from a solid grasp of the healthcare benefits landscape and a dedication to innovation. We enhance your existing benefits through strategic, compliant solutions that leverage ACA legislation and boost employee take-home pay, without out-of-pocket costs for you. Our network of expert providers enables us to offer standout solutions, making what seems too good to be true a reality for your business. Let’s chat and show you how we deliver on our promises. Register for a call with one of our team members today

Will my staff need to change doctors?

Absolutely not. Your staff can keep their current doctors. Our plan adds value by offering additional options for care and savings, recommended by their doctors, without any mandatory changes.

How do I learn more?

Simply click the registration button on our site, fill out the application, and schedule a call with one of our licensed experts. Our team will guide you every step of the way.

How do you support efforts to educate staff about benefits and health?

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Pro X Benefits helped us improve employee satisfaction, leading to lower turnover and higher productivity

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