Was Your Business Impacted by COVID?

Receive up to $21k per W2 Employee with our Full-Service ERTC Processing

Get the most out of your ERTC filing with expert service and complete audit protection from our certified CPAs!

What is ERTC?


The ERTC (Employee Retention Tax Credit) is available to all businesses and non-profits with W-2 employees that were impacted by COVID-19.


ERTC was authorized and funded as part of the CARES Act to incentivize employers to retain employees during the pandemic by offering a refundable tax credit that can be applied against employment taxes.


Employers were given the choice between ERTC or PPP, and a majority chose PPP due to the complex ERTC filing process


Businesses can now receive up to $21k for each employee, regardless of prior PPP claims, due to subsequent legislation being passed

Key Benefits


Expert Assistance

Work directly with our certified CPAs and tax preparers


Maximized Credit

Ensure you get the maximum credit available to your business


Full Audit Support

Receive comprehensive audit support to guarantee your ERTC claim is protected

Are You Eligible to Claim ERTC?

Reduction in Revenue


50% in 2020

50% or greater reduction in gross receipts in 2020 compared to same quarter in 2019


20% in 2021

20% or greater reduction in gross receipts in 2021 compared to same quarter in 2019

Reduction in Revenue


Required to suspend operations in any capacity


Limiting occupancy to provide for social distancing


Inability to obtain critical goods or materials from suppliers due to suspended operations


Shelter in place orders preventing employees from working

Recovery Start-Up Program


Annual Gross Receipts less than $1,000,000

Started a business after February 15, 2020, and had gross annual receipts less than $1,000,000

How It Works

Step 1

Book a Free Call with our CPA Team to discuss your eligibility

Step 2

Provide Our Certified Pros with your Tax Documents for Analysis

Step 3

Finalize Credit Amounts and File with the IRS

Step 4

Our team works with the IRS, providing full audit support and ensuring your credit is received in full

Step 5

Receive your tax-free ERTC credit!

Pro ERTC helped us recover substantial tax credits, providing a much needed financial boost

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